6 Social featured at CONNECT Conference

CONNECT is Canada’s largest education technology conference held in Niagara, Ontario April 26 - 29th, 2016. Over 1600 participants, plus countless Exhibitors and Sponsors that come together under one roof to share best practices and expand our horizons of education technology in an ever increasing global and digital economy. The mission is to connect all sectors in order to help raise the standards of 21st century teaching, training and learning in education.


Pathfinder App

Pathfinder App: A storytelling tool for video which includes mind mapping and video editing.  This idea came out of one of our 6 Social events.  Help support the students by testing out the app, provide feedback & be entered to win an IPAD! 

Download the Pencilcase app & test out the app. 

SHARE CODE to test the app: H174WP & go through the tutorial


Calendizing: A tool created by students for teachers to help alleviate student & teacher homework assignment stress. 

Help support the students by testing out the prototype, provide feedback & be entered to win an IPAD! 

How to bring your students’ language to their learning

Entrepreneurial Spirit in the Classroom


What is Perseverance?

What does it LOOK like?

What does it FEEL like?

How do you create it? 

Register for Triggering Perseverance

June 7th - 4 pm to 5:30 EST



The workshop will be held online on a free platform called SLACK which inspires conversation, sharing and connecting.  

All you need is a computer and Google Docs or Microsoft Word (any electronic note taking device which you can copy and paste from).  

We will have videos, questions, sharing and key actionable take-aways.  

Complete details will be sent to you after registration.  

Featuring 6 Social at CONNECT:

The 6 C's of Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation


Creativity & Imagination



people (2).png

Critical Thinking


Character Education

As a teacher, I saw enthusiasm, I saw engagement and I saw people passionate about what they were doing. These are the things I like to ignite in my classroom and I saw them all at 6 Social Niagara. The pitches were very energetic and the students were invested in the social issue they were addressing. We couldn’t have asked for a better day.
— Jill Russell, Technology Program Leader - DSBN Academy DISTRICT SCHOOL BOARD OF NIAGARA

The Royal Conservatory - Learning Through The Arts, held a Roundtable Event October 20, 2015

Inclusive Education: Use of Technology. 

This video documents some of the comments from roundtable participants about inclusive education and technology.

What is 6 Social? 

6 Social is a new vehicle for experiential learning that engages Grade 7-12 students in developing innovative solutions to social issues they experience in their school environment and neighbourhoods through an online platform, events, lesson plans & pitch events.


Through One Day and Two Day events, youth receive training in creative and critical thinking processes. They learn to ideate, validate, and pitch innovative solutions to social problems through thoughtful social media campaigns, technology tools and interactive apps. 

Watching these young, bright minds gather together, their desire and willingness to make a positive change in their community and ultimately in their lives, brings a unique emotional mix of pride and hope, a feeling that any educator is grateful to experience and willing to see more often among the young generation shaping up our future.
— Anamaria Dragoi, OCT, MScEd Manager of Innovation & Academic Engagement, Educational Research & Innovation Hub (ihub)

What Happens?

Youth are provided with ongoing tools and mentorship to extend their work beyond the initial ideation process through to a workable prototype that they can put into action in their school or neighbourhood. They are supported by mentors from local community who bring relevant expertise in social media, business planning, technology, and project management.

Where is it available? 

We partner with schools and community organizations.  Plus in the 2016/2017 school year we are developing resources that allow educators to bring the 6 Social experience into their classrooms so that every student can benefit.  Support resources will include imaginative unit plans, videos, and online training, combined with access to a suite of unique technology and learning tools. 

6 Social is experiential learning, leveraging technology to create solutions for social issues youth care about.


What is the problem?

Let's brainstorm the problems and issues that are happening in your community; from poverty to education to health & wellness. What do you care about? This is your opportunity to brainstorm, connect with others and get your voice heard.   

What is the solution?

We will give you access to some pretty cool technology and social media tools. What solutions will you create for the issues you care about most? Get creative, brainstorm and connect with others to begin creating something incredible!

Is this a good idea?

There are lots of problems and possible solutions and it's time to narrow it down.  We will show you how to validate your assumptions by asking questions, getting feedback and making sure you are spending your time and energy effectively.   


Create a Prototype

An early sample, model, or release of a solution, built to test your idea, this is not a finished product, just something you can use to show your idea. This can be a short video, podcast, website or app (we have a tool to build an app and you don't need to know code!). 

Promote & Analyze

You will receive tips and coaching on how to share a compelling story and create real engagement with your solution, using special online and onsite techniques. Then you will analyze these results and responses & ensure you are getting the engagement you need to move forward.

Community Showcase

It takes a community to make an idea a reality and to continue building your solution. Together, we will host a Community Showcase to promote your solutions to the community to gain support, mentorship and launch your solution.  Plus there will be prizes!


Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 9.56.28 AM.png
It was by far, the best youth event I have ever attended!
— Donia Aly, Rogers TV

Why collaborate with 6 Social?

They help you take your idea and make it reality. No matter how broad your idea is they will help you shrink it down and make it into something amazing.
— Emma, youth @ 6 Social



From experts to brainstorming, 6 Social is a platform for community engagement in technology, entrepreneurship, education and community development. 


You have the opportunity to brainstorm, collaborate and use some of the coolest technology to create solutions that really matter to you.


6 Social is filled with experiential learning, we are talking hands on learning that you will continue to use in your day to day life and keep working towards solutions.

Youth pitching their solution on Gender Equality, March 5, 2016 at ihub Niagara.
Throughout the day we brainstormed plenty of issues and ways to solve them using different technology tools. How to make apps without knowing code was the best part. I made plenty of friends and it’s great to know that people care about issues just as much as you do.
— Arvith, youth @ 6 Social
University and college funding Access - everyone should have access to education. Pitch at ihub Niagara March 5th, 2016.
Come to 6 Social because it is all about youth and ideas. I got to connect to other youth, mentors, tried out cool technology and put our groups idea into action. It gave youth a voice and explored how to use that voice in a positive way.
— 17 year old @ 6 Social Niagara