Mentors / Volunteers @ 6 Social Ottawa, May 19 


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Location: Kivotu Event Space, please note you must enter through the back at 151 George St., Ottawa, ON.

Volunteers/Mentors: We will confirm your hours after registration.  The day will begin with set up at 7 am and end at 7 pm with take down time last 1 hour.  For the schedule of the day, please visit the website.

Team Meeting: We will meet Wed, May 18th at 6:30 pm for a team meeting to go over the event, expectations, etc.  If you can not attend you must let us know and we will schedule an alternative time. 

Download SLACK: Slack is an amazing tool that gets people talking but you need the app to be a part of the conversation. You will receive an email inviting you to the 6Social team, please log in using as your Team. You will need an invite if you want to engage before the event, please email You can download the app on any platform you choose! Happy Slacking!

Schedule for Saturday: 

8:30 am: Registration & a light Breakfast! 

8:45 am: Kick Off 


  • What issues do you care about most
  • Validating vs Solving Problems
  • Technology Showcase

12:00 pm: Working Lunch


  • Breakout sessions
  • Paper Prototyping
  • Working in groups & with mentors
  • How to pitch your idea

5:00 pm: Dinner 

5:30 pm: Showcase event, guests welcome!

Finished at 7 pm. 

Best mentorship opportunities:

830 - 11:30 am, 1:00 - 5:00 pm, you are welcome and encouraged to stay for the Community Showcase is at 5:30 pm.

Goal for participants:

  • Ideation & design thinking
  • Experiential learning: how to take risks, build teams, validate ideas, problem solve, and have fun!
  • Think about how they use technology and social media to solve a problem they care about
  • Meet & network work people in a new environment
  • Establish and build community

Goal for mentors:

  • Guide teams to focus their attention on their big-picture goals for the weekend of pitching an idea that solves a problem they care about using social and technology tools.
  • Be a cheerleader and encouraging ideas and collaboration
  • Push teams outside of their comfort zones and to keep work intensity high
  • Help ensure that teams assume nothing. Identify assumptions being made and force them to either tackle those assumptions or at least identify what they are sure they do not know yet. 
  • When in doubt, use the “5 Why” principle. (Ask why 5 times until they are confident in their answers)

Not the goal for coaches/mentors:

  • Be the decision maker for the teams
  • Tell them right vs. wrong
  • Do the work for them

Technology featured:

We are showcasing a variety of tools, the point is not that they will create something in a day with the tools, however they will have a paper prototype of sorts to present at the Community Showcase.  The goal is for exposure to the tools, give them hands on learning on how to create content so they can use the tools and get them excited to want to build something or solve a problem they care about.  Using their STEAM skills for social innovation. 

Some of the technology that will be featured is:

  • Slack - you will receive an invite shortly to download SLACK.  We are using SLACK as a way for youth to communicate with one another during and after the event. There will be channels focused on technology and topics that they identify during the beginning of the event. 
  • PencilCase - you can build an iOS app without needing to know code! We will also be giving away FREE 1 year subscriptions! 
  • Fundrazr - a crowdfunding platform
  • Squarespace -  easy to use website builder. 
  • Freewheeler music app
  • Podcasting, Video & Live Streaming 
  • Participants can create ideas with ANY tech tool, we are highlighting a few and encourage group sharing and discussions.

Suggested questions mentors can ask teams: 

  • What is the problem they are trying to solve?
  • How have they validated there is a significant problem that many face?
  • What is their solution?
  • Who is their target customer/user?
  • How are customers currently solving this problem? Be able to tell me a story of how they actually behave when trying to solve this problem. 
  • How is your solution significantly different than the current way your target customers are solving this problem? (Look into competitors)
  • Will people use your solution or engage with you?
  • Are you clear on the judging criteria?

Judging Criteria
Although we don't like the word judge, there is a criteria we are looking for when handing out prizes.  

  • Most innovative        

  • Most likely to succeed      

  • Best business idea

  • Most thoughtful        

  • Most creative pitch           

  • Most diverse group

Thank you for giving your time! This is a grassroots event, organized by many in the community.  We look forward to launching the first ever 6 Social in Ottawa and many cities to come!