Supporting Teachers

Are you working overtime to engage a class full of students with very different needs? 

And to not just teach them the curriculum, but prepare them to meet life head on with future-oriented skills?

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6 Social is Here to Help

Based on the principles of Design Thinking and utilizing the 6 Cs of future ready learning, you and your students will discover and experiment with a problem finding and solving framework that can be tied to all areas of the curriculum. 

The increased engagement that comes from pursuing inquiry based on personal choice within the subject not only leads to increased learning of the subject matter, but sparks astounding advances in the critical skills and resiliency of participants.



What Is 6 Social?


I saw enthusiasm, engagement, and people passionate about what they were doing. These are the things I like to ignite in my classroom and I saw them all through 6 Social. The solution sharing was very energetic, and the students were invested in the social issue they were addressing. We couldn’t have asked for a better time.

Jill Russel, Technology Program Leader, DSBN Academy, District School Board of Niagara


How does it work?

As a professional development opportunity, the program runs in a series of modules, broken down into shorter, easy-to-digest sessions over the course of a few weeks – available anywhere you have an internet connection.  As an opportunity for students, that’s up to you and your class.

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Being about to stand back and be a support for students engaged in their own learning directly aligned to their own interests AND meeting curriculum and learning skills expectations was an experience which cannot be truly explained with words. The growth of the involved students from just one day of experiencing this process is wonderful and has become infectious in my classroom.

6 Social Teacher, anonymous survey response


Get involved with 6 Social


Got an hour?  Interested in the full program?  We've got two ways for you to experience the 6 Social process for yourself and your students.

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1. Got an hour?

Download our free Back to School lesson plan to sample the 6 Social process with your students. 

We’ll walk you through a 45 min “get to know you” session to engage your class and get them energized for the upcoming year.

This package includes a complete lesson plan and evaluation guide.


2. Become a 6 Social Teacher

Take advantage of presale pricing.

If you sign up by 1 January 2019 to take the free first 6 Social module in mid-October, you qualify for special pricing of $150 to complete the program.

Your students could then have an opportunity to share their solutions – in person or online – at CONNECT 2019.

Plus, we continue to support you with:

  • Access to education experts and an online collaboration platform with teachers from across Canada

  • All instructional materials including lesson plans, teaching guides and more.


I can’t tell you how fabulous it made me feel as an educator to continue to learn something valuable, expand it, and bring it back to the classroom right away. We think that we have problems and know the solution (but) breaking it down and looking back is the easiest thing and it has been an absolute joy to go through the whole process. I really have found it valuable, not just personally but professionally to see the excitement and engagement in the students and to share it with some of the staff here as well.

Theresa Benson, Gr 5/6 teacher, Edith Cavell School