STEAM Meets Social Innovation in Niagara

Niagara’s 6 Social event, hosted March 5th, 2016 was a massive success in its delivery of a one day platform.  Just as in Toronto, the event was sold out (80 individuals signed up with an anticipated capacity of only 50). The majority ages ranged from 14 - 20, demonstrating once again the appeal of the program to teens and young adults. 

What was the day like? 

The stage was set by engaging participants to learn a diverse abundance of skills in the world of technology and app building - creating an online and onsite Idealab.  Issues that mattered to the participants were identified.  

In the afternoon, newfound knowledge was applied with the help of mentors and industry experts to address the issues identified by the participants.  Ideas collided and solutions were realized using technology and online tools in a resourceful and effective manner. 

Why was it a success? 

In addition to a tested marketing plan of social media engagement, and a positive relationship with contributors to get word of the event out, collaboration with local partners like ihub Niagara and the District School Board of Niagara (DSBN), proved invaluable.  As a result, 24% of the participants were present because a school had invited them. 

Engagement was naturally a key element, and Learning Through The Arts executed a well developed and concentrated social media campaign - 26% of participants were a result of social media.   

The best part about it? 

Engagement continued long after the event, with messages over Slack and impressions on Twitter.  The 7 PencilCase App Software prizes, 6 MAD Learn licenses and Strategyzer software from are now being used to create apps to benefit the community!