Our Team

Team Success was created On March 6th at  6 Social Niagara. At this event our team created the idea of Calendizing.  We have been extremely passionate about reducing the school stress in students by increasing the communication between teachers. Our team is made up of four students who attend the DSBN Academy, Soleil LaRoche (Grade 10), Julia Doucet (Grade 10), Mariah Andrews (Grade 9), and Chantel Prince (Grade 10).  

Our Idea

Our company has created a platform that will crush school stress in students and increase the communication between teachers. In order to achieve this we have created an electronic calendar where teachers will be able to manage the workload of their  students. Calendizing allows teachers to plan due dates and other important dates in a more organized and efficient way. Calendizing helps students achieve as less stress leads to more success.


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