From experts to mentors to media personalities, 6 Social is a platform for community engagement amongst influencers in entrepreneurship, technology, social media and entertainment industries.


You have the opportunity to brainstorm, collaborate and test out the newest & coolest technology, plus learn how to leverage current trends and create solutions that really matter.


6 Social is filled with experiential learning, we are talking hands on learning that you will want to use in your day to day life.  You will get exclusive access to some of the hottest technology & social media tools.

Which Tech Tools? 

The tools can be 360 video, 3D Printing, Crowdfunding, App Development or the newest Social Media software.  We are bringing the hottest technology tools or software to your fingertips to try out, explore and apply to solve the issues that you really care about. 

Up to $5,000 in prizes!
— What will you create?

What Will I Create? 

You tell us! Do you care about the environment? Fashion? Poverty? Community? Urban Development? Youth violence? Mental Health? Entrepreneurship? We want to give you access to the cutting edge tools so you can make truly make a difference in this world!