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Marlon Palmer

Marlon Palmer

A Toronto-based actor, comedian, and YouTuber, originally hailing from Maple, Ont. On his channel ThatdudeMCFLY, Palmer produces comedic skits, song parodies, and rants, which have earned him more than 134,000 subscribers, and 19 million views to date.


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Celebrity Dropins

It's the NBA All Star Weekend, with so many cool people in town, and we are in a downtown location... 

Let me just say that we have a couple people stopping in.  


Lola Plaku

Lola Plaku

A Music Industry guru is joining us as our Special Social Media Guest explaining how she leveraged social media in her life and career.  She is the founder and owner of Lola Media Group and ILUVLOLA brand, plus the day to day manager for artist French Montana.

Personal: @iluvlola Company: @iluvlolaonline

Featured 'AMA' Speakers & Mentors

(Ask Me Anything)

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Kunal Chakravorty

Kunal is the Principal, Strategist & Pro Glider at WIT Solutions & GlyDee™. From the time he was 16, he knew he wanted to be an Entrepreneur. He has worked in the wireless telecom industry, from retail to corporate sales and negotiating and upper level management, until he started WIT Solutions, a wireless telecom consulting and tech solutions firm.

@TheGlyDee and @MyBBGuru

Shawna David

Shawna is a Training and Development Expert. A love for learning drives her personally and professionally.  Her work is at the intersection of art and technology. With over a decade of experience and a momentum of achievements that continues to grow. She has managed training and development programs coast to coast across both training delivery and instructional design teams. Throughout her career Shawna has focused on Leadership, Technology and Consultative Sales.  She is a believer of positive psychology and a connector of people, ideas and ‘aha’ moments.'


Karla Moy

She continues to live up to the name, 'hustleGRL'. She is cited for playing a vital role in the early stages of Canadian rapper, Drake’s career. Moy is the creative mastermind behind Lil' Wayne's mixtape cover art for No Ceilings (2009) and Sorry 4 the Wait (2011). With the hustleGRL brand growing by the minute, Moy has no interest in slowing down anytime soon.  


Nogah Kornberg

Nogah Kornberg

Nogah Kornberg is the Associate Director at I-Think Initiative at the Rotman School of Management. She helps to imagine what could be and provides the support to make it happen.  Prior to Rotman, Nogah was a teacher with the Toronto District School Board and a Founder and Executive Director of the Young Social Entrepreneurs of Canada.

@nogahK and @RotmanIThink

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 Daniella Etienne

Daniella Etienne is the founder of TheBHD.com a blog where she also builds social strategy with brands from TD Canada, GM Canada and Sony Electronics to name a few. She also resides as Chair of The Remix Project. Through her years of experience in building partnerships with brands she prides herself on making the impossible possible and finding ways to support community through her initiatives. 


Hannah Cree

Hannah Cree

Raised in a family of entrepreneurs, Hannah’s career began at a young age, even her lemonade & cherry stand needed to have a marketing plan! With several years of experience running an accelerator for startups in technology, coupled with her passion for youth, Hannah has developed experiential leadership, empowerment and entrepreneurial programs for ages 14 to 29.  



Paulina O'Kieffe

Paulina is an artistic powerhouse, arts educator, cultural leader and the director of ArtReach who is helping to foster Toronto's youth arts community. Paulina's passion is connecting artists with real life opportunities. Paulina was a member of the Up From the Roots Poetry SLAM Team who were finalists at the 2015 Canadian Festival of Spoken Word and is the producer of the Words by the Water Literary Festival. Paulina has been using spoken word to teach young people in a number of communities about self-education, expression and empowerment. 


Randall Terada


Randall works at Springboard Services (www.springboardservices.ca) in Toronto and Scarborough.  He is currently working with a team of dedicated designers and facilitators on a suite of online skill development tools for youth workers and employment counsellors called the Community Learning Hub.


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Donia Aly

She's a reporter and field-producer at RogersTV, where she specializes in covering local events. During the past few years, she has produced content for several television programs such as: Talk Of The Town, Daytime Toronto, Scarborough Now and High School Sports Zone. During the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), Donia works within the marketing department as a Community Engagement Leader. Her unconditional desire to support individuals, groups and organizations is infectious and as a result she is a well sought after project team member across the city.