The Details: 

Who can attend?

Participants: Grades 9 to 12 (or ages 14 to 19)

Mentors: 20+

Volunteers: 20+ 

Are you under 18? 

Your parent or guardian will receive a copy of the consent form via the email (which they and you can sign online), it is sent to the emails you provided during registration. Make sure your parent has filled out this consent form or you can't participate. Email it to: or bring it to you at registration.  Alternatively, ensure your parent or guardian is with you when you register on Saturday so they can sign the form in person.  

What is included in the registration?  

We will have food! A light breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks! We will also some swag, prizes and cool stuff. 

What should I bring?

This is a tech friendly event! Bring your electronic devices like smartphones, tablets and phones. We will also have some devices on site people can use.  We will have lots of food but if you have preferences please pack your own.  There is no access to a kitchen onsite.

What are the prizes?

There will be a variety of prizes given to teams based on the showcase judging and prizes through the day.  Check out the website for the updates on prizing everyday!

Who are the mentors?

We will have a variety of mentors from the community, Learning Through The Arts, and tech specialists who will drop in throughout to help the teams & give feedback. If you would like to volunteer to be a mentor, please fill check out this page and register.

Do I need to come with an idea?

No, please come and be ready to join a team and help create some awesome solutions and learn about new technology.

Can anyone attend the Showcase event?

The Showcase happens at 5:30 pm and it is open to the public, seating is limited so please register.

Who will judge the Showcase?

A variety of experts in the field of technology, arts and education.

What issues do you care about?

Start researching, thinking and talking as we will be brainstorming together!  

Do I need a ticket?

Once you register, you will receive an email for confirmation. We will have your name at the door along with your registration package. 

What kind of ideas are we building?

Use your imagination! The challenge is to come up with creative ways to use technology to solve problems that you care about. This event is all about ideas, we like to call it an IdeaLab.  You do not have to come with any specific idea in mind, just be ready to be creative, work in a team environment and have fun! 

What is the judging criteria?

We're looking for the most creative, innovative and exciting ideas! What matters is that you are passionate about solving an issue that matters to you, while using and leveraging technology and social media. 

Most innovative        Most likely to succeed      Best business idea

Most thoughtful         Most creative pitch           Most diverse group

What tools will we be using?

We are going to showcase a variety of technology tools and show you how to make create content for social media! There is a cool app building tool and you don't even need to know code. Check out the website for more information. 

What happens after the event?

Lots! We will be launching an online platform, where you can connect, learn and keep growing your idea and keep connected with participants and mentors.  With the assistance of our partners, we will be looking at how we can also assist in developing your ideas. Just think your tools could affect tens of thousands of people! 

What if I can't come?

This is a popular event and there is usually a waiting list. Please do your best to make it, if not, please contact us right away, as we have a waiting list.  Your ticket is not transferrable.  

Download SLACK

Slack is an amazing tool that gets people talking but you need the app to be a part of the conversation.  Please email to gain access before the event and start talking to other youth.  a week before the event you will receive an official invite. Please log in using as your Team.

You can download the app on any platform you choose!
Happy Slacking!